Paying Your Loan with Cryptocurrency

Is it worth it to take a loan using your cryptocurrency to pay for your cash advance in Despite the fact that many of the crypto miners and owners see this as a long-term investment, they plan of holding their assets until such time they can generate a handsome revenue out of it. So rather than selling, investors may make use of their cryptocurrencies as collateral against a loan backed by their crypto.

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Etherium Blockchain - New Investmet Possibilities

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Leveraging Instagram for Crypto Success: Business and Finance Strategies


Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm, with both seasoned investors and newcomers looking to ride the digital wave. In this fast-paced and ever-evolving landscape, businesses and finance enthusiasts are turning to Instagram as a valuable tool to stay informed and make informed crypto investments. In this article, we’ll explore how you can harness the power of Instagram and why having a quality following is essential for success in the crypto world.

The Power of Quality Followers

Before we dive into the strategies, it’s essential to recognize why having a substantial and high-quality following on Instagram is vital for success in the crypto space. Instagram follower count checker tools can indeed help you measure your follower count, but it’s not just about numbers. It’s about the quality of those followers and their engagement.

Imagine having an Instagram follower count checker at your disposal to assess the authenticity and engagement of your audience. This tool can help you filter out bots and inactive accounts, leaving you with a dedicated community genuinely interested in your content and insights. Here’s why it’s crucial:

1. Credibility and Trust

In the crypto world, trust is paramount. Having a substantial following of real, engaged users lends credibility to your profile. When you share your views, analysis, or investment strategies, people are more likely to trust and follow your lead if they see that others are doing the same.

2. Information and Insights

Quality followers on Instagram aren’t just numbers; they are potential sources of valuable information. In the crypto space, staying well-informed is essential to make sound investment decisions. A genuine following can provide you with insights, news, and opinions that you might have otherwise missed.

3. Networking Opportunities

Instagram isn’t just a platform for posting pictures; it’s a vast network of professionals and enthusiasts. Building relationships with quality followers can open doors to collaborations, partnerships, and discussions that can significantly enhance your crypto journey.

Now that we’ve established the importance of quality followers let’s delve into some practical tips for using Instagram effectively in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Practical Tips for Instagram Success in Crypto

1. Curate Engaging Content

Your Instagram feed should be a reflection of your expertise in the crypto world. Share well-researched articles, analysis, and updates. Use visually appealing charts and infographics to simplify complex concepts. Engaging content will keep your followers interested and coming back for more.

2. Connect with Influencers

Identify influential figures in the crypto space and engage with their content. Comment thoughtfully on their posts, ask questions, and participate in discussions. This can help you gain exposure and connect with a broader audience.

3. Use Hashtags Strategically

The strategic use of hashtags on Instagram goes a long way. Use relevant crypto-related hashtags to increase the discoverability of your posts. Research trending hashtags and incorporate them into your content strategy to reach a wider audience.

4. Engage with Your Audience

Don’t just broadcast your views; actively engage with your followers. Respond to comments, answer questions, and encourage discussions. Building a sense of community around your profile will foster loyalty and trust.

5. Leverage Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a fantastic way to provide real-time updates and insights. Use this feature to share breaking news, quick analyses, or personal experiences related to crypto. Stories have a sense of immediacy that can captivate your audience.

6. Educate and Inform

One of the best ways to gain quality followers is to provide value. Educate your audience about crypto fundamentals, trading strategies, and the latest trends. The more informed your followers are, the more likely they are to trust your advice.

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Instagram can be a valuable ally in your crypto journey, but it’s essential to focus on building a quality following. Your credibility, access to information, and networking opportunities all hinge on the authenticity of your audience. By following these practical tips, you can navigate the crypto world successfully through Instagram and establish yourself as a trusted voice in this exciting space.

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Diversifying Your Financial Portfolio: Contractor Client Financing in the Age of Cryptocurrency

financial portfolio

Contractors have long been known for their ability to build, renovate, and create. They are the architects of our living spaces, the crafters of our infrastructure, and the fixers of all things broken. Yet, in the ever-evolving landscape of finance and investment, contractors are also beginning to explore new avenues to secure their financial futures. One such avenue that has piqued their interest is cryptocurrency, a digital frontier that promises both innovation and opportunity.

The Traditional Terrain

Traditionally, contractors have relied on conventional financing methods to sustain their businesses and personal finances. These methods include bank loans, lines of credit, and personal savings. While these options have served them well, many contractors are now seeking to diversify their financial portfolios to ensure stability and growth, especially in uncertain economic times.

The Rise of Contractor Client Financing

Contractor client financing (client financing by Contractor+) is an emerging concept that holds great promise for those in the construction industry. It involves creating financial arrangements between contractors and their clients, often in the form of extended payment terms. This approach can help contractors manage their cash flow more effectively, ensuring that they have the necessary funds to cover their operating costs and invest in future projects.

One of the key benefits of contractor client financing is that it fosters stronger relationships between contractors and their clients. By offering flexible payment options, contractors demonstrate their commitment to client satisfaction. This can lead to repeat business, referrals, and an enhanced reputation within the industry.

Cryptocurrency: A New Frontier

In recent years, the world of cryptocurrency has been making headlines, capturing the attention of investors, businesses, and now, contractors. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have surged in value, leading many to wonder if this digital gold rush holds potential for financial growth.

Contractors are not only interested in investing in cryptocurrencies but also in using them as a tool for contractor client financing. Here’s how it works:

1. Smart Contracts for Secure Agreements

Smart contracts, which are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement directly written into code, offer a secure and transparent way to handle financial transactions between contractors and clients. These contracts can automatically release payments once certain project milestones are reached, reducing disputes and ensuring fair compensation.

2. Faster Cross-Border Payments

In an industry where contractors often work across state or even international borders, the speed of payment can be crucial. Cryptocurrencies enable near-instantaneous cross-border transactions, eliminating the delays associated with traditional banking systems.

3. Investment Opportunities

Beyond contractor client financing, some contractors are exploring cryptocurrency as a long-term investment strategy. They see the potential for significant returns as the crypto market continues to evolve.

However, it’s important to note that cryptocurrency investments come with risks, including volatility and regulatory uncertainties. Contractors should conduct thorough research and consider seeking advice from financial experts before diving into this digital realm.

Embracing Innovation

As contractors explore the possibilities of cryptocurrency and contractor client financing, they are embracing innovation in an industry that has traditionally been slow to change. This openness to new financial tools reflects the adaptability and resourcefulness that contractors bring to their craft.

It’s worth noting that while cryptocurrencies offer exciting prospects, they are just one piece of the financial puzzle. Contractors should continue to diversify their portfolios, balancing traditional investments with innovative approaches like cryptocurrency.

In conclusion, the world of contractor client financing is evolving, and cryptocurrency is emerging as a powerful tool within it. Contractors who are willing to explore this digital frontier can potentially benefit from increased financial flexibility, enhanced client relationships, and investment opportunities. As the financial landscape continues to shift, contractors are demonstrating their ability to adapt, ensuring that they remain not only builders of physical structures but also architects of their own financial success.

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Digital Currency and Its Blockchain Revolution

Cryptocurrency use and interest have skyrocketed in recent years. These digital assets have drawn interest from individuals and organizations, promising to transform finance. Cryptocurrencies are fascinating, but legal issues like child custody are vital to many families. Child custody lawyers help parents negotiate custody issues and guarantee the best possible outcomes for all parties. 

What is Cryptocurrency?

As the name implies, cryptocurrency is a type of digital or virtual money that uses encryption techniques to safeguard financial transactions, regulate the production of new units, and confirm the transfer of assets. 

By leveraging decentralized technology known as blockchain, cryptocurrencies operate independently of central banks and governments, in contrast to conventional fiat currencies like the US Dollar or the Euro.

Opening Up the Crypto Frontier

When Bitcoin, the first and best-known cryptocurrency, initially appeared on the market in 2009, it immediately caught the interest of early adopters and tech aficionados. Bitcoin presented the idea of a decentralized digital currency that eliminated the need for intermediaries and enabled a transparent, peer-to-peer transaction system. It was developed by an unidentified person or group using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

The Foundation of Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain underpins cryptocurrencies. Blockchains trace transactions across a network of computers to ensure security, immutability, and transparency. Connecting blocks creates a chain. Blockchain technology’s decentralization undermines trust in a single authority, changing industries other than banking.

Different Types of Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin’s success paved the way for thousands of alternative cryptocurrencies with unique purposes. Ethereum pioneered smart contracts, enabling decentralized software (DApps) and complex transactions. Ripple, however, facilitates fast, cheap international transfers. New projects studying cutting-edge use cases and solving important concerns are altering the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Getting Around the Crypto Landscape

Despite cryptocurrency’s huge potential, issues remain. Price volatility prohibits investors and companies from properly implementing the digital revolution. Governments and financial organizations are striving to create exact cryptocurrency regulations to protect consumers and encourage innovation.

The Future of Cryptocurrencies

As cryptocurrency adoption grows, so does the future of banking. Businesses are accepting bitcoin payments to meet demand, while central banks are exploring central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). Decentralized finance (DeFi), which eliminates financial middlemen, gives citizens more financial autonomy.

Cryptocurrencies have changed money and the global economy. 

Blockchain technology and a wide range of cryptocurrencies enable this decentralized financial system to democratize banking, improve financial inclusion, and disrupt many industries. As we explore this fascinating new frontier, we must stay informed, utilize caution, and take advantage of cryptocurrency opportunities.

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Cryptocurrency and Stock Market Convergence: Implications, Challenges, and Opportunities

In recent years, cryptocurrency and traditional stock markets have begun to intersect, creating new opportunities and challenges for investors. This convergence presents a dynamic landscape where digital currencies, such as Bitcoin and others, gain recognition as investment assets alongside traditional stocks. Understanding the implications of this convergence is essential for investors looking to navigate these exciting yet complex markets. You need to use tools like

Cryptocurrencies as an Investment Asset

Cryptocurrencies have emerged as a new investment class, offering potential returns and diversification benefits. For example, the most well-known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has grown significantly over the years, reaching a market valuation of more than $1 trillion. This growth has attracted institutional investors, who recognize the potential for long-term value.

According to a Fidelity Digital Assets poll, cryptocurrencies appeal to 70% of institutional investors due to their poor connection to other asset classes. This feature allows investors to hedge against traditional market risks and potentially enhance portfolio diversification.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Stock Market Integration

Platforms and initiatives are emerging to bridge the gap between these two worlds to facilitate the convergence of cryptocurrency and stock markets. For instance, some cryptocurrency exchanges now offer tokenized versions of traditional stocks, allowing investors to trade cryptocurrencies and stocks on a single platform. This integration provided convenience and expanded investment opportunities.

One notable example is the introduction of North America’s first cryptocurrency exchange-traded fund (ETF). This ETF exposes investors to Bitcoin and traditional stocks, providing a diversified investment vehicle.

Regulatory Challenges and Considerations

The convergence of cryptocurrency and stock markets brings forth regulatory challenges. Cryptocurrencies operate in a decentralized and often unregulated space, while stock markets are subject to strict regulations. Harmonizing regulations between these two domains is crucial to ensure investor protection, market integrity, and fair competition.

Regulators are actively working to establish regulatory frameworks for cryptocurrencies, including initial coin offerings (ICOs) and cryptocurrency exchanges. Striking the right balance between innovation and investor safety is essential to foster healthy growth in these markets.

Impact on Market Dynamics and Investor Behavior

As cryptocurrencies enter the traditional stock market ecosystem, their impact on market dynamics and investor behavior becomes noteworthy. Cryptocurrencies are infamous for their volatility, which can alter emotions and trading strategies.

The presence of cryptocurrencies can introduce liquidity and potentially enhance market efficiency. However, investors must understand the risks associated with increased volatility and make informed investment decisions accordingly.

Technological Innovations and Synergies

The convergence of cryptocurrency and stock markets also brings technological innovations and synergies. Blockchain technology, the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies, offers various applications in traditional stock market operations.

Stock market processes such as settlement, clearing, and record-keeping can benefit from blockchain technology in terms of efficiency and transparency. Its decentralized nature can reduce counterparty risks and streamline operations.

The convergence of cryptocurrency and traditional stock markets offers both opportunities and challenges for investors. Cryptocurrencies provide a new investment avenue, offering potential returns and diversification benefits. Integrating cryptocurrency exchanges and stock markets expand investment options, while regulatory efforts aim to ensure investor protection.

Understanding this convergence’s implications, challenges, and opportunities is crucial for investors. It is essential to stay informed, conduct thorough research, and consider risk management strategies when navigating these dynamic markets. By doing so, investors can decide better and benefit from the exciting potential of cryptocurrency and traditional stock market convergence.

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How Crypto Payments are Changing the Dynamics of The Towing Business

Towing business like Santa Clara towing has long been a staple of the automotive industry. When vehicles break down or get into accidents, tow trucks come to the rescue, providing a much-needed service for drivers in distress. However, the traditional payment methods in the towing business have been plagued with issues such as delayed payments, chargebacks, and high transaction fees. That is where crypto payments come in. In this article, we will explore how crypto payments are changing the dynamics of the towing business.

The Use of Cryptocurrencies in the Towing Business

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin have been gaining widespread adoption over the past few years. These digital assets provide a fast, secure, and cost-effective means of payment. By utilizing blockchain technology, crypto payments eliminate the need for intermediaries such as banks or payment processors, making transactions faster and more efficient.

Advantages of using cryptocurrencies

  • One of the key advantages of crypto payments in the towing business is the elimination of chargebacks. Chargebacks occur when a customer disputes a charge with their bank or credit card company, leading to a refund of the payment. Chargebacks can be a headache for tow truck companies, as they can lead to delayed payments and loss of revenue. With crypto payments, chargebacks are virtually impossible due to the immutable nature of blockchain technology.
  • Another advantage of crypto payments is the lower transaction fees compared to traditional payment methods. Traditional payment processors charge transaction fees ranging from 2% to 5%, which can add up quickly for businesses that process a large volume of transactions. With crypto payments, the transaction fees are significantly lower, typically ranging from 0.5% to 1%.
  • Crypto payments also provide a faster means of payment. Traditional payment methods such as credit cards can take several days to process, leading to delayed payments for tow truck companies. With crypto payments, transactions are processed in a matter of minutes, allowing for faster and more efficient payment processing.

The adoption of crypto payments in the towing business is still in its early stages, but the potential benefits are clear. By adopting crypto payments, tow truck companies can reduce transaction fees, eliminate chargebacks, and provide a faster means of payment. This can lead to improved cash flow, increased revenue, and a better customer experience.

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Conclusion: The Use of Blockchain Technology in the Towing Business

In conclusion, crypto payments are changing the dynamics of the towing business. By utilizing blockchain technology, crypto payments provide a fast, secure, and cost-effective means of payment, eliminating the need for intermediaries such as banks or payment processors. With the potential benefits of reduced transaction fees, elimination of chargebacks, and faster payment processing, tow truck companies can improve their cash flow, increase revenue, and provide a better customer experience.

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The Benefits of Accepting Cryptocurrency for Aruba Vacation Rental Owners

Beach resort in Aruba


Aruba has long been a popular vacation destination for travelers from around the world. With its stunning beaches, warm weather, and vibrant culture, it’s no wonder why so many people flock to this Caribbean paradise each year. And with the rise of cryptocurrency, owners of vacation rentals in Aruba have a new opportunity to attract even more visitors and boost their bottom line.

Accepting cryptocurrency as payment for vacation rentals offers several benefits for owners. Here are just a few of the ways that cryptocurrency can be advantageous for vacation rental owners in Aruba.

Faster and Cheaper Transactions

One of the main advantages of accepting cryptocurrency payments is that they can be processed faster and more affordably than traditional payment methods. With traditional payment methods, such as credit cards or bank transfers, it can take several days for transactions to clear and fees can add up quickly. Cryptocurrency payments, on the other hand, can be processed almost instantly and typically involve lower fees. This means that vacation rental owners can receive payments more quickly and without as much overhead cost.

Attract New Customers

Accepting cryptocurrency can also help vacation rental owners attract new customers. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are always looking for new ways to use their digital assets, and by accepting cryptocurrency payments, vacation rental owners can tap into this market. Additionally, many cryptocurrency users value privacy and security and may prefer to use cryptocurrency for transactions rather than traditional payment methods.


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International Transactions Made Easy

Aruba is a popular destination for travelers from all over the world, and accepting cryptocurrency can make it easier to process international transactions. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized currency that can be used across borders without the need for conversion, making it an ideal payment method for international transactions. Vacation rental owners can accept cryptocurrency payments from customers around the world without worrying about currency conversion or international transaction fees.

Avoid Chargebacks

Chargebacks can be a major headache for vacation rental owners, as they can result in lost revenue and increased administrative work. By accepting cryptocurrency payments, vacation rental owners can avoid the risk of chargebacks altogether. Once a cryptocurrency transaction is completed, it cannot be reversed, which means that vacation rental owners can enjoy greater financial security and peace of mind.


In conclusion, accepting cryptocurrency payments for vacation rentals in Aruba offers several benefits for owners. From faster and cheaper transactions to attracting new customers and avoiding chargebacks, cryptocurrency can help vacation rental owners streamline their payment processes and increase their bottom line. As cryptocurrency continues to gain popularity, vacation rental owners who embrace this new payment method stand to benefit in a big way.

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Crypto In Towing Business: What You Need To Know

Businesses today are accepting cryptocurrency as a mode of payment. Cryptocurrencies are essential since they hold the prospective to transform how you transact with the digital world.

Why are towing companies dealing with Bitcoin?

There are several motivations as to why san jose towing companies might get involved with Bitcoin.

  • Customers want to pay for your products or services in bitcoin.
  • Businesses have suppliers or remote workers in other countries where traditional bank transfers are expensive and cumbersome.
  • Companies have high cash reserves and are looking for a way to avoid negative interest on the bank account.
  • Companies with high cash reserves are looking for ways to diversify and hedge against a potential spike in inflation.

What are the advantages of bitcoin for towing businesses?

Bitcoin offers businesses the following benefits.

No Payment Fees

Credit card transactions cost 2-4%, Bitcoin 0.-1%. This can have an enormous positive effect on cash flow, especially in business areas with thin margins.

Instant Bitcoin transfers

One of the most frustrating aspects of the traditional banking system is the long payment times. This applies in particular to payments to and from abroad, where transactions are often cleared by several correspondent banks. This process is time consuming and expensive.

san jose towing

Worldwide acceptance thanks to the Bitcoin network

Companies are increasingly operating globally. Bitcoin is recognized and accepted worldwide.

Pioneering role and new customer segments

  • The Bitcoin community is a tight-knit community. If you announce that you will accept Bitcoin as a payment method, it will definitely get noticed.
  • You are addressing new customer segments with the offer: Technology-savvy millennials, but also for the numerous and fast-growing start-ups, your towing products and services can become more attractive with the acceptance of Bitcoin as a means of payment.
  • Existing customers and partners perceive them as innovative.

No more charge-backs and credit card disputes

When a customer disputes a credit card charge, it often entails a month-long gauntlet of uncertain outcomes to prove to the payment processor that the charge was legitimate. Smaller companies, especially in the software sector, often do without it, leaving money behind. If you are paid in Bitcoin, they are irrevocably yours as soon as they are booked.

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Understanding the Cryptocurrency Market with the Right Method

There are many ways to invest your money, but only very few have a reasonably reasonable return. Investors want to build up a fortune with their hard-earned money or create a second financial source of income. While many startups are still finding the way to success, there are already many who have found the necessary knowledge and support to become successful. With sufficient knowledge and support, any start-up can find the right method to make cryptocurrency trading an alternative to classic forms of investment.

Cryptocurrencies and trading coins

For many consumers, cryptocurrencies are still a mystery because there is a veritable flood of information about the tradable coins, the right time to buy and sell, and common strategies. Access to this information has not always arisen from the motivation of successful trading: publicizing coins or increasing the reach of trading platforms are also represented interests. A certain understanding of the market is necessary to see through such advertising measures.

Since the first bitcoin was mined in 2009, the digital currency has had a performance that many did not expect, which brought it a record value of almost 69,000 US dollars in autumn 2021. Companies that focus on cryptocurrencies want to help to get a better understanding of the market before diving into bitcoin trading ( “There is a veritable flood of information on the subject of cryptocurrencies on the Internet. It is important to explain to private investors which information is really important and which is not. Of course, this requires empirical values ​​that we pass on to our customers.” It’s all about understanding and knowing exactly what the next steps are in crypto trading. Customers should be able to do without classic day trading, constant observation, and without “FOMO”.

Understanding the Cryptocurrency Market: 3 steps to success

With three simple steps, the basic pillars of success, so to speak, users no longer have to worry about the effects of high inflation. Business people, from beginners to crypto trading veterans, are guided to comprehensive specialist knowledge in the coaching that builds on one another.

  • The first step in crypto trading before the actual investment is to find the coins that have the greatest potential. You have to create a template that enables you to make a well-founded and rational decision. Ultimately, it’s about proceeding systematically, not based on gut feeling.
  • An important aspect when trading cryptocurrencies is of course the time of purchase or sale. In thematic training courses, you receive the necessary tools in the form of technical chart analyses. Without being overwhelmed by tools or indicators, you can achieve regular income, regardless of the current situation in the crypto market.
  • The third important step you have to take in order to earn additional dividends on profits already generated is the use of farming or lending (so-called yield farming) or staking (the creation of new blocks in the blockchain). With their help, you ensure that your own capital does not just work once, but rather continuously. In this way, inflation becomes less of fright and one can look to the future with peace of mind.

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These three steps form the common thread through the advice and ensure that the customer can benefit from the cryptocurrency market through planning and in-depth knowledge. So that the cooperation can actually be fruitful, every application submitted is analyzed by the team and, with the help of a short telephone call, it is determined whether cooperation can be beneficial for the interested party.

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Cabinets And Crypto Investing Tricks And Tips

If you intend to invest in business and Bitcoin, you probably have many questions about this cryptocurrency. The goal is not to lose your hard-earned money when investing in digital currency and RTA cabinets business.

Helpful tricks and tips when investing in cryptocurrency and cabinets business

Use the right crypto exchange

Crypto exchanges are some of the best places to get bitcoin. These are platforms that allow us to buy bitcoin with fiat money. You can also sell bitcoin on a crypto exchange. Currently, the internet is flooded with cryptocurrency exchanges. Each platform claims to offer the best prices and services.

So, before you start investing in Bitcoin, you should do your due diligence. Choose a cryptocurrency exchange with a solid reputation for providing quality services and the best prices. Also, choose a platform that gives you the information and tools you need to get the most out of your investment.

RTA cabinets

Follow reputable bitcoin news sources

A lot is said and written about Bitcoin. Of course there are also opposing views about this cryptocurrency. You should therefore use and analyze all sources of information. Bitcoin is a fad for some people. Others think investors who choose Bitcoin will end up disappointed.

However, many are optimistic about Bitcoin. They believe that investing in this cryptocurrency will bring lucrative returns in the future. Therefore, take the time to absorb and analyze information from all sources. Follow your instincts, but don’t let emotions control your investment decisions.

Be prepared for bitcoin price fluctuations

Like other digital currencies, the Bitcoin price is volatile. This is because cryptocurrencies are not yet standard stable currencies. However, the increasing acceptance and usage of Bitcoin in different parts of the world is slowly stabilizing the price of this cryptocurrency. Still, it would help if you prepare for the volatility of this digital currency.

Acquire different investment strategies

There are many strategies to invest in Bitcoin. These strategies mainly represent different ways to invest in this cryptocurrency.

Take the time to study these bitcoin investment strategies to understand how they work. Then choose an investment strategy that will help you achieve your investment goals.

Be vigilant

No one can overemphasize the importance of vigilance. To own or trade large amounts of bitcoin, you should be careful to protect your investment from vulnerabilities and risks. Therefore, learn to handle your investment responsibly.

Investing in Bitcoin takes time to understand how the crypto market works. Also, be careful and vigilant so you don’t lose your investment in crypto and your business. With an effective strategy, you can reap good returns on your investment.

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We May Soon Find Out Who Invented Bitcoin Due To A Multi-Billion Dollar Case.

Journalists, crypto fans, and online detectives have been trying to expose the person behind the name Satoshi Nakamoto for about a decade. But the creator of Bitcoin, in possession of almost a million bitcoins – worth almost ten billion dollars – has managed to keep his identity a secret for years. That may not be long now: A massive lawsuit against the man who publicly claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto may unravel the mystery.

Australian cryptographer Craig Wright revealed in 2016 that he was the creator of the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency, but this claim has been questioned by many. Legal experts say this case, brought by the relatives of one of Wright’s business associates, will finally reveal the truth about Nakamoto. Little has been heard of him since Wright announced that he would do nothing more to prove that he was actually Satoshi Nakamoto. Now he is being sued by the heirs of Dave Kleiman, who was a computer scientist and cybersecurity expert. Many people believe that not Wright, but Kleiman was the real creator of Bitcoin.


What is the case about?

The claim is that Wright stole 1,100,111 bitcoins from Kleiman, which together are worth $10,236,532,855. In addition, the heirs claim that Wright “illegally and knowingly” passed on their trade secrets about blockchain technologies “in a malicious manner.” Monday night, a tweeter asked Craig Wright what he thought of the case. He responded to the tweet with one word: “greed.” Prosecutors are joined by Boies Schiller Flexner LLP, who also represented Al Gore in the case, which called into question the results of the 2000 presidential election. According to Bitcoin security specialists WizSec, Wright’s claims, nor those of Kleiman’s heirs, are correct. The company writes in a blog post that neither of them is the rightful owner of the bitcoins. “The bitcoins they are talking about are just a fantasy: they don’t exist at all,” the blog post wrote. “The lawsuit is a trivial argument over unrelated money that does not belong to either party.”

Who was Dave Kleiman?

Kleiman was a helicopter technician but became paralyzed after a motorcycle accident, leaving him to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. By the way, if you have a motorbike accident or are totally unaware of what to do if you have a motorcycle accident, you can visit this link He met Wright at an online cryptographer’s forum in 2003. According to prosecutors, the two collaborated on the white paper on how Bitcoin and blockchain should work, publishing it under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. Wright and Kleiman also set up a Florida company, W&K Info Defense Research LLC, in 2011, focusing on cybersecurity. The complainants are not sure whether one (or both) actually developed Bitcoin. The indictment continues, “for unclear reasons, they chose not to even tell their friends and family about what they were dealing with Bitcoin. But there is no denying that they were involved in Bitcoin from the start and that they both owned a huge number of Bitcoins between 2009 and 2013.” Ten months after Dave Kleiman’s death, his 94-year-old father, Louis Kleiman, receives an email from Wright, writing, “Your son Dave and I are two of the three most important people behind Bitcoin.”

Dave Kleiman passed away in April 2013, just before Bitcoin became a big hit, after a long battle with an antibiotic-resistant infection (the hospital bacteria MRSA). When he died, no one in his family knew about his part in Bitcoin’s development. They also did not know that he owned a huge amount of bitcoins. According to the indictment, Wright took advantage of the fact that none of Kleiman’s relatives knew about the situation. He drafted several contracts that ensured that the crypto legacy was transferred to Wright and his companies.

Gruesome scene

Kleiman’s death remains a mystery for the time being. “Dave was found dead in his home. It was a horrific scene,” the indictment said. “His body was decaying, there were blood and feces stains on his wheelchair, and there were open bottles of alcohol and a loaded pistol next to him. In his mattress, a gunshot hole was discovered.” Wright and Kleiman started a Bitcoin mining operation that earned them over a million Bitcoins. They kept these in Seychelles, in the United Kingdom, and Singapore. Much speculation continued even after Wright’s claim to be Nakamoto. When Wright subsequently refused to provide further evidence, the discussion turned out to be heated in the media and the Bitcoin community. The list of most likely Nakamotos includes Gavin Andresen, Hal Finney, Nick Szabo, and the infamous Dorian Nakamoto.


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WTO Trading Forecasts Underscore the Need for Reliable Trading Signals

WTO Trading Forecasts Underscore the Need to Have Reliable Trading Signals

The WTO reported that after the surge of 2nd and 3rd waves of COVID-19 in Europe, growth in global merchandise trade is likely to slow down in the 4th quarter. Now more than ever, traditional forex and cryptocurrency traders are finding the need to seek for reliable trading signals to improve the results of their trading strategies. While there are different ways to go about it, the most convenient and fastest method is to use the services of entities providing trading signals as products and services.

Brief Overview of WTO’s Good Trade Barometer

According to the World Trade Organization (WTO), it has become apparent that when economies briefly reopened and resumed with global trading in the second and third quarters, the pent-up demands resulting from the first global lockdown have been met with adequate inventory stocking. Based on the WTO’s Good Trade Barometer for November, other components indicated mixed readings, to which a potential resurgence of the pandemic will have a considerable impact on how trading will carry on in the months ahead.

As it is now the case, the slow exchange of products in the international markets will likewise affect forex trading.

What is the Relationship between World Trade and Forex Trading

Every country trades with other countries, it’s just that nations trade more than others. That being the case, trading behaviors can affect how the value by which foreign currencies are purchased in the forex market. In layman’s term, if a country sold more during the day, it follows that the purchasing countries will also have to exchange their domestic currency into the currency acceptable as payment to the selling nation.

Now to illustrate by way of a hypothetical example, let’s say the U.S. imported products from another country like Canada, paying means a corresponding amount of U.S. dollars will be used to purchase an equivalent amount in Canadian dollars as payment for the Canadian goods. If on the other hand, Canada didn’t buy any product from the U.S. this will result to a trade deficit on the part of the U.S. There is no need for Canada to buy U.S. dollars either.

If U.S. world trade continues to experience trade deficits not only from Canadian trades but also from other countries, and for a prolonged period, the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar in world trade is bound to decline. Such decline is termed as inflation, which in the long run would lower the country’s exchange rate.

Mainly because the inability to sell U.S. domestic products to foreign countries will reduce the country’s trading capital, where and when trading is largely one sided . Where borrowing becomes necessary, the interest rate on such borrowings will cause the US dollar to weaken further.

Now supposing Canada continues to show a strong performance in world trading, from which it gains considerable amount of trade surplus, such developments will lead to growth in Canada’s trading capital. Moreover, if the U.S. purchases or imports goods from Canada on credit basis, the amount that Canada will collect from the U.S. will include interest payments and therefore further weaken the US dollar value against the Canadian dollar.

This hypothetical example is only an exaggeration of how global trades transpire, in order to show how trade deficits, trade surplus, inflation and interest rates and other similar factors can affect the value of different currencies.

Advice on What to Look for In Providers of Trading Signals

When looking for the most reliable trading signals provider, keep in mind that your goal is to improve your profits. Therefore it is not enough that the trading signals are based on mere word-of-mouth tips coming from the grapevine or based on personal perceptions of some market analysts.

Consider the services of signals trading firm AltSignals, which aside from providing signals derived from in-depth analysis of data, maintains special focus on providing only quality signals; as opposed to churning signals in large quantities. Moreover, altsignals services include learning modules that will enable newcomers to develop a better understanding of how trading markets behave.

As one of the best providers of trading signals, the transparency by which the company offers its services is one of the compelling factors that attracted more than 80,000 customers to sign up with AltSignals.

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Cryptocurrency: The Future of Money? The Rise of Digital Currency

The rise of digital currencies, also known as cryptocurrency, has disrupted the financial world and raised questions about the future of traditional currencies. In this article, we will explore the basics of cryptocurrency, its potential benefits, and the risks associated with investing in it.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital or virtual currency that uses cryptographic techniques to secure transactions and operates independently of central banking systems. Bitcoin was the first and most well-known cryptocurrency created in 2009 and since then, numerous other digital currencies have emerged.

Cryptocurrency, as a digital currency, has several uses beyond just being a medium of exchange. One such use is as an investment, where individuals can buy cryptocurrency with the intention of holding it for a longer period and potentially selling it at a higher price. The decentralized nature of cryptocurrency and its limited supply make it appealing to some as a store of value, similar to gold or other precious metals.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency

Another benefit of cryptocurrency is its ability to operate outside of government control and inflation. Since there is no central authority controlling the supply of many cryptocurrencies, they can act as a hedge against currency devaluation caused by government monetary policies or inflation.

Overall, the benefits of cryptocurrency make it an attractive investment opportunity for those looking to diversify their portfolios and take advantage of its potential for growth. However, it is important to understand the risks involved, such as high volatility and market unpredictability, before making any investment decisions.

Risks of Cryptocurrency

While there are many potential benefits to investing in cryptocurrency, there are also significant risks to consider. The value of cryptocurrencies is highly volatile and can fluctuate rapidly, making it a risky investment. 

In addition, the lack of regulation and security measures in the cryptocurrency market makes it a target for fraud and hacking.

Cryptocurrency has the potential to revolutionize the financial world, but it is important to approach it with caution and understanding of the risks involved. As with any investment, it is crucial to thoroughly research and understand the market before investing in cryptocurrency. 

Investors looking to dive into the world of cryptocurrency can do so with confidence by using resources to gain a comprehensive understanding of the market and make informed investment decisions. By doing so, individuals can make informed decisions and potentially reap the benefits of this innovative technology.

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Investing in Cryptocurrencies: Pros and Cons

Access to Bitcoin, Ether, and others is becoming easier. It is easier even for people who are only slightly familiar with the underlying technology.

Pros of investing in cryptocurrencies

Potential of blockchain technology

Cryptocurrencies are a new asset class with potential, especially when it comes to using this technology in other areas. If you look at the past, you can see what price opportunities there are.

In fact, blockchain technology is not only suitable for payments and as a means of storing value. The technology behind digital currencies manages and processes data. Many usage scenarios that are already in use today can be derived from this simple definition. With Blockchain Knowledge Base, even people who are not tech-savvy can invest in crypto.

Natural scarcity of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Is Bitcoin as digital gold? This comparison is often made when it comes to cryptocurrencies in times of crisis. The oldest of all cryptocurrencies is also compared to the precious metal because of its limited availability. Similar to precious metals, which are not endlessly available on the earth, bitcoin is also finite.

Growth market for long-term investors

Investors see the on-chain signals as very positive towards cryptocurrencies in the long term. For example, the number of wallets and the amount of crypto assets held on them is constantly increasing. Cryptocurrencies represent a large growth market for them, from which investors with a long investment horizon, in particular, can benefit.

Blockchain Knowledge Base

Cons of investing in cryptocurrencies

Inexperience investors in the market

The cryptocurrency market is new and disruptive. However, it is also still very young and far from mass adaptation. Experience with the asset class is still sparse. And those who want to invest should ignore the fact that many coins have long since been discontinued.

Many investors ignored the dangers of a purchase. Nobody can really assess the risks, especially not small investors. Even the basics of the technology behind the currencies are difficult to understand. One principle applies to investing. You should only buy investment products that you understand. Only then does an investor know where his money is.

Since there are no real values ​​behind digital currencies, they can disappear from the market at any time or be replaced by other currencies. In such a case, the money invested would be wasted. Investors should keep that in mind.

Bitcoin is not a safe haven

At least in the short term, Bitcoin is not a suitable store of value. Cryptocurrencies do not offer any protection in market phases characterized by uncertainty. They act as a high-risk asset class and are usually abandoned quickly when uncertainties arise. The ‘safe haven’ narrative is and will remain a myth.

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Financing a Car: Understanding Your Options and Finding the Best Deal

What is Car Financing and What Options are Available?

Car financing is an important option for many people when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. It allows individuals to purchase a car without having to pay the full cost upfront. There are several different types of car financing available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Read more about how to finance a car with National loans.

Car Loans – Types of Car Financing

Vehicle loans are the most common type of car financing. A vehicle loan is a form of borrowing money from a lender to purchase a vehicle that must be paid back with interest over time through monthly payments, or in some cases, an up-front lump sum. Vehicle loans can come in many different varieties including fixed rate and variable rate loans.

  • The fixed-rate vehicle loan is usually for a specific term such as five years or 10 years and requires the customer to make only one monthly payment per year at the beginning of each 12 months. This allows individuals with a fixed-rate loan to pay a lower interest rate than if they were on a variable-rate loan. The borrower also has more time to repay the car loan in case they lose their job or have an economic downturn.

  • A variable-rate vehicle loan is characterized as having a higher interest rate, but it allows the borrower to make monthly payments with any variation in terms of amount and due dates; this makes it easier for people without a steady income and those who might want to buy or sell their vehicles during the term of a fixed-rate car loan.

What are the best features of a car loan? The main benefits of a car loan include the ability to make payments on time, have flexible terms and rates, and avoid selling or trading in your vehicle if you don’t need to. The best loan terms are competitive (meaning you can get a low interest rate) and have flexible terms, such as “no-closing costs.” On the other hand, a poor loan term might have high interest rates or closing costs that inflate your monthly payments. Closing costs include fees for credit reports, title work, registration fees, and any other service that is related to your vehicle purchase.

How to Calculate Your Budget & Determine the Type of Loan That You Need

When it comes to calculating your budget and determining the type of loan that you need, there are many factors to consider. By using a budget calculator or car finance calculator, you can get an estimate of how much you can afford for a car loan. Additionally, an auto loan calculator or car payment estimator can help you determine the best loan option for your specific situation. With this information in hand, you can make informed decisions about your finances and find the right loan for your needs.

Investors understand how their budget works that’s why they diversify their investments. Their portfolio includes investments in real estate and different types of assets like cryptocurrencies. Life insurance is also another investment that can’t go wrong. These investments can help build your credit score and qualify you for an easy car financing program.

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What Does Crypto Insurance Offer?

Bitcoin and banknotes


Since Bitcoin’s creation, there have been 60 exchange hacks that have stolen more than $75 billion worth of crypto. How can one protect oneself from such a loss? What opportunities does the market currently offer?

Fortunately, corporate insurance has been around for a long time. Much like how accident insurance works (where you might want to get the cheapest SR22 Bond you can find), if your exchange loses money due to a hack, it (and hopefully you) will be compensated. However, the situation is different for private individuals. Since cryptocurrencies are not legal tender or traditional assets, they are not secured in the same way as cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Shield recently launched insurance that compensates crypto owners for a loss of assets on popular crypto exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, and Gemini. An important caveat applies: Only qualified crypto product providers are insured. So if you want to insure your Ledger or Trezor wallet, you can’t do that withCryptoShield. However, there are already providers who specialize in cold wallets. More on that later.

Crypto insurance for retail investors

Crypto According to the developers, Shield is said to be the first insurance product on the market designed specifically for retail wallets. “It’s designed specifically for those who are involved with crypto but don’t have institutional accounts,” said Alex Maffeo, CEO, and founder of Boost Insurance.

The insurance covers 20 different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Solana, and Dogecoin, as well as stablecoins such as Tether or the USD Coin. A value of up to one million US dollars can be insured. According to Boost Insurance, larger sums fall into the category of “institutional investor”.

Maffeo went on to explain, “We’re really trying to appeal to retail investors, from those who are just starting out with crypto to individuals who own up to $1 million.”

The insurer offers a dashboard that you can use to update and manage your insurance account. The insurance also covers an increase in value of up to 50%. In addition, insurance also applies to new investments. You can invest up to 150% of the current value of your coins. However, you cannot pay the insurance premium in crypto.

Exchange hacks are relatively rare. Nevertheless, there were 6 officially reported hacks last year alone, in which crypto worth almost 4 billion US dollars were lost. That’s why insurance could be worthwhile. But what about insurance for hardware wallets or offline wallets (“cold wallets”) if you don’t want to keep your coins on an exchange?


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Cold wallet insurance is in the works

Evertas, a Chicago-based insurance platform, received approval this month to call itself a “coverholder” at Lloyds of London, one of the world’s leading insurance providers.

Coverholders are specialized, Lloyd’s approved insurance providers that offer policies for niche areas. Evertas is the first cover holder of its kind to specialize in cryptocurrency insurance, namely digital wallets. The insurance of cold wallets is also on the company’s agenda. However, it will still be some time before the company launches insurance for these.

According to Evertas, of all crypto assets that have a total market value of around $2 trillion, only 0.25% are insured. So the crypto insurance market is pretty big. As adaptation progresses, the crypto insurance market will continue to grow and new crypto insurance providers will appear on the market. Whether cold wallet or exchange insurance: The possibilities and potential of the crypto insurance market are far from exhausted and the market is ripe for new products.

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Cryptocurrency Is Changing The Real Estate Market

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have the potential to become key technologies in the real estate market. Blockchains enable faster and more secure transaction processes and more accurate in selling a house.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are having a growing influence on various industries and in everyday lives.

“Tokenization” of real estate

A blockchain is a type of decentralized booking system in which every user who is part of this blockchain system can view the whole database with all information excerpts or chains from it. The data stored in a blockchain and instantly encrypted is available to every network participant and must match the data copies of other participants. Consequent manipulation of data, balance sheets, and ratings is almost impossible. In addition, data recovery is easy since you can retrieve the entire transaction history from any network node.

Crypto technology allows sellers to “tokenize” individual parts of the property or to sell a house as a whole. Therefore, numerous people can obtain digital shares in real estate. Each of these people becomes a co-owner of the property by possessing the tokens. The seller could make liquidity from his property as needed.

The buyers can resell the tokens successfully at any time, for instance after a rise the prices of in real estate. This way, the blockchain lowers also the obstacles for real estate investments by a wider audience. This is precisely what many blockchain platforms and trade apps in the real estate business are based on. Also, financing in real estate is becoming more easily accessible and transparent for small investors.

sell my house 7

More accurate property valuations and forecasts

In contrast, decentralized blockchain technology permits current market information and comprehensive availability of large amounts of data. Immense amounts of information like demand trends, location-related rental and purchase prices, and comparative data are already available into the process for online property valuation.

More and more companies are opening up to digital currencies as a means of payment. In addition to buying with cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology also allows interested parties and real estate companies to have more transparency and security.

Brokers will be able to survive on the market in the future. Soon, technological financial knowledge will also play a significant role in the brokerage profession.

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Money Tool: How To Properly Protect Your Crypto

The success of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and others also attracts scammers. However, there are some tips on how you can protect your cryptocurrencies. With an intensive tool, you can manage your finances and track your investments.

Money Patrol: Tips on how to keep crypto assets safe

Manage your cryptocurrency yourself

There is an iron rule in the crypto industry. It reads: “Not your Keys, Not Your Coins”. This means that cryptocurrencies are usually stored in a digital purse. To do this, you create an account with such a wallet and then receive the so-called private keys.

Use a hardware wallet

One of the best and most effective protections for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum is to use a hardware wallet. This is a small device that stores the aforementioned private keys in a way that makes it almost impossible for hackers to access them. This is exactly the advantage over conventional software wallets. Whenever you use them to send Bitcoin or Ethereum, for example, there is a possible attack vector where hackers can get to the coins.

Every Dollar alternative

Keep the key and seed safe

The following applies to both software and hardware wallets. In addition to the keys, they generate a so-called “seed phrase”. This is a string of 12 or 24 words that “restores” the wallet. Strictly speaking, cryptocurrencies are never “in” a wallet, but always on the blockchain. The wallet whether hardware or software only allows access to these coins. If, for example, the hardware wallet is lost or damaged, the cryptocurrencies remain unaffected. The configuration of the device and thus access to the coins can be restored with the seed phrase.

Use bookmarks for crypto websites

Again and again, scammers create clones of well-known crypto websites that are almost indistinguishable from the originals. The URL often looks same. At times, the cybercriminals even manage to attain a high Google ranking or the offenders promote their “services” using an ad.

It can happen when a user is searching for a precise crypto exchange and the result is a fake plagiarism. There he then unintentionally enters his login data for the Exchange and falls into the trap. However, this can easily be prevented by checking the Internet address carefully in advance and then creating a bookmark for the respective page. You can do this for all crypto offerings.

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4 Benefits of Bitcoin Loans

Man holding a Bitcoin


Bitcoin is a highly sought-after form of investment today. Learn about the benefits of Bitcoin loans.

Bitcoin is increasingly becoming a popular means for businesses and business people to raise capital. Thanks to the numerous crypto lending platforms available today, accessing Bitcoin loans has never been easier. Just like how Net 30 vendors like NAMYNOT capitalize on credit lending, Bitcoin loans are an excellent way for investors to earn interest on their holdings without selling them. They also allow borrowers to quickly access the increasingly scarce asset. So what are the benefits of Bitcoin loans? Should You Take Out a Bitcoin Loan?

The following article discusses the main benefits of Bitcoin loans for borrowers and investors.

Easy accessibility

Taking out a traditional loan usually involves a variety of procedures and paperwork. Sometimes people go through all the procedures and still don’t get the financial support they need, mainly because of the institutional bureaucracy. Traditional systems have always marginalized the financially underprivileged, making access to credit quite frustrating.

Access to Bitcoin loans is a straightforward process that doesn’t require paperwork. On crypto lending platforms, you don’t have to fill out as many forms and submit tons of documents to get a Bitcoin loan. In addition, you do not have to prove that you are working and do not have to provide the service provider with bank statements.

Crypto borrowers also don’t have to open bank accounts to get Bitcoin loans. No third parties are involved in the transactions as in the traditional systems. In addition, there are several Bitcoin lending platforms that greatly facilitate access to Bitcoin loans for businesses and individuals worldwide.

Rapid loan approval

With traditional systems, it would take several days, weeks, or even months for your loan application to be approved. This is mainly due to the numerous parties involved and the extensive procedures that loan applicants have to go through. Bitcoin loans are usually approved within 24 hours, which is more convenient for borrowers. This facilitates the free flow of capital for those who desperately need it.


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Relatively low fees

Bitcoin transactions have a reputation for charging lower fees than traditional means of payment such as bank transfers. This also applies to loans. Most crypto lending platforms have fixed interest rates that protect borrowers from price fluctuations. Conventional loans usually put borrowers in a difficult financial position as interest rates are constantly rising. Sometimes they end up paying higher fees than expected.

Bitcoin is accepted worldwide as a means of payment and investment object. This means that borrowers do not have to convert the borrowed funds into local currencies to carry out transactions, which saves them the fees for currency conversion. Crypto lending platforms like bitcoin usually offer tables of interest rates that you should always check before applying for a bitcoin loan.

Flexible loan terms

In traditional systems, financial institutions always have absolute power to set the conditions for lending. And these give borrowers very little or no say in their financial affairs. Bitcoin loans are the exact opposite because they give borrowers the freedom to determine the terms of lending.

The borrower decides, for example, on the currency in which he wants to repay the loan and on the repayment period. Some lenders do not even require borrowers to service the loan monthly as with traditional systems. Overall, Bitcoin loans give borrowers the desired autonomy over their long-term repayment plan.

Bitcoin loans are ideal for large crypto holdings and owners who need to borrow money without selling their assets. It allows investors to maximize the value of their virtual assets with less risk. Unlike traditional loans, Bitcoin loans are easily accessible, inexpensive, and offer flexible terms. However, you should find a reputable and reliable Bitcoin lending platform with reasonable interest rates to lend or invest in your cryptocurrency.

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How Cryptocurrency and Forex Trading Differ?

Cryptocurrency Trading


The theme of the past few months: cryptocurrencies. These digital coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple are based on blockchain technology. Due to the rapid price rise, cryptocurrencies have attracted many new investors to active trading. And many who learn forex trading have started trading cryptocurrencies in addition to traditional currencies.

Anyone who studies the market on a daily basis will soon see that the two products, forex, and cryptocurrencies, behave very differently. That means that as an active trader, you also have to make other decisions. In this article, we will discuss the differences between ‘normal’ currency trading and cryptocurrency trading.


All normal currencies are issued by the central bank of a country (or group of countries). Goods and services produced by that country are paid for in the local currency. If that country’s economy does well, the demand for the currency increases, and it increases in value relative to other currencies. The central bank can influence this by changing interest rates and by putting more or less money into circulation. The market responds to this with supply and demand. As a forex trader, you try to predict this and earn from it.

Cryptocurrencies do not belong to any particular country. Coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple only exist on the blockchain. The blockchain is maintained decentrally and crosses national borders. You can pay with cryptocurrencies at any store or service provider that accepts them, but no one can be forced to take payment in crypto. As a result, the value (in the long term) depends on how many retailers and service providers accept a cryptocurrency.

With cryptocurrencies, there is also no central bank that determines the interest rate or the money supply. Inflation or deflation are ingrained in the cryptocurrency’s code. This differs per coin. For example, the number of bitcoins in circulation is increasing less and less quickly, until it ultimately remains the same at 21 million BTC. The number of ethers in circulation is growing faster than the number of bitcoins, which means that ETH has more inflation. Ripple has a fixed number of XRP that can never increase. Because the supply of a cryptocurrency is fixed in the computer code, the value mainly depends on the demand.

Trading based on the news

If we look around us, we have to conclude that we can hardly pay with cryptocurrencies anywhere. Two years ago, there were still small retailers and cafes that accepted payments in BTC, but the transaction costs have become too high for small payments at the end of last year. This may change with the recently introduced lightning network. Ethereum is used for all programs that run on the Ethereum blockchain, but those programs are hardly used yet. With other cryptocurrencies, you can’t do anything at all.

As a result, the demand for cryptocurrencies is almost entirely speculative. Traders buy cryptos based on the expectation that they will be used in the future. That expectation is not unjustified, because the blockchain is a promising technology. But no one knows for sure which crypto coin has the future.

What we see as a result is that the market reacts extremely to the news. For example, if a large company such as IBM or Microsoft announces that it is partnering with a cryptocurrency, the price can skyrocket 10-30% within a few days. And if a financial regulator of, for example, China says to regulate the trade in cryptos more strictly, the price can fall just as much in a short time. Often such a reaction is exaggerated, and the price corrects itself within a few days. As a trader, you can benefit from this.


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This creates a lot of volatility. A currency pair such as the EUR/USD will not quickly go up or down 10% in one day. That’s because everyone has a rough idea of how well the European and American economies are doing. That doesn’t suddenly change by 10%. But because cryptocurrency prices are purely based on future expectations, they can easily fluctuate by 10% per day or more.

A consequence of this is that you have to trade with a smaller leverage factor. For traditional currency pairs, you use leverage to increase your profits. With leverage of 50x, a price increase of 25 pips (approx. 0.25%) turns into a profit of about 12.5%. But if you trade cryptocurrencies with 10x leverage, then a drop of 10% can mean that you have lost your investment, even if the price goes up again afterward. A leverage factor of more than 2-5 is not recommended.

If you want to actively trade in cryptocurrencies, then it is recommended to first develop a feeling for the market. Even if you already have experience with forex. This is possible with a demo account. This works just like a real trading account, except you don’t have to take any risk.

Technical analysis

Because the prices of cryptocurrencies are mainly based on speculative expectations, technical analysis is more important. After all, there is no real crypto-economy with a clearly identifiable value. The value of cryptocurrencies depends on market sentiment. And technical analysis is just right for predicting market sentiment. In addition, you should take into account that not all technical indicators are suitable for cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies are a new phenomenon. The first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is less than ten years old. Most cryptos are less than two years old. Moreover, many cryptocurrencies were worth little for a long time and only rose sharply in 2017. As a result, some technical analysis tools do not work well with cryptocurrencies.

Take, for example, support and resistance levels. For many currency pairs, the rates at which support or resistance is experienced can be determined historically. By going back in the chart, we find price levels that the price does not easily break through. Because cryptocurrencies do not have a long history, it is difficult to find support and resistance based on the historical price chart.

Or another important indicator: moving averages. An indicator such as the 200-week SMA (simple moving average) does not exist for many digital coins (because they are less than 200 weeks old). In the shorter term, we can calculate SMAs and EMAs (exponential moving average). But those averages give a distorted picture if the price has risen enormously in a short time.

The most useful indicators for cryptos are pivot points, Fibonacci levels, and Elliot waves. For example, bitcoin’s price chart often shows a rise in five waves and a fall in three waves. Course corrections are often 38%, 50%, or 62% of the peak. And if the price starts to rise again, the new top is often 62% higher than the previous peak. These levels help you to determine your price target and your stop-loss for your crypto trades.


Cryptocurrencies are still very young. They are not linked to a country’s economy, and there is no central bank that determines supply. Since there are still few real applications for cryptocurrency, most demand is speculative. This means that technical analysis is more important than usual. But not all technical indicators apply to crypto.

Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile. The market often overreacts to news, allowing you to trade on the expected correction. That makes cryptocurrency particularly attractive to active investors, but there are also risks involved. Protect yourself by not trading with too much leverage. And remember: blockchain technology will experience a lot of growth in the coming years.

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3 Ways Crypto can Help You Get Life Insurance

Anyone who has been through the process of getting life insurance knows it can be a grueling experience. Even with all the information that’s available online, it can be hard to filter through all the noise and find what you need.

If you have friends or family members who have struggled to purchase life insurance because of pre-existing medical conditions or other factors, you might think that buying it will be even harder for you. Cryptoassets are a great way to prove your net worth when applying for life insurance.

If you want to apply for life insurance and want to use crypto, here are three ways that crypto can help you get affordable life insurance:

Crypto can Prove Your Net Worth

One of the first hurdles you’ll need to overcome when applying for life insurance is proving your net worth.

While you may have everything mapped out in a spreadsheet, some life insurance agents may not understand how to interpret the data. When it comes to cryptoassets, a single coin can be worth thousands of dollars. In fact, one Bitcoin has reached over $60,000 on its peak. That can be a lot for a life insurance agent to wrap their head around.

Create a Collateral-Based Insurance Plan

If you’re applying for term life insurance, many cryptoassets can be used as collateral. This means that you can use them as collateral against a life insurance policy.

If you have a large amount of cryptoassets that you can utilize as collateral, you may be able to get a life insurance policy with a lower premium.

For example, let’s say you need $500,000 in life insurance. If you can prove that you have $1 million in cryptoassets, you may be able to get a $500,000 life insurance policy.

Utilize Forks to Create a Coincidence of Events

In addition to using cryptoassets as collateral, you can also use forks to decrease the amount of life insurance you need. When a cryptocurrency forks or splits, it creates two separate coins. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including a software upgrade or a change in the network consensus algorithm.

If you own a certain amount of coins before a fork, you will own both coins after the fork. Most people choose to sell one of the coins after a fork, but you can actually use this to your advantage when buying life insurance.

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Fully Understanding the Value Of Local SEO

Many business owners now fully understand the importance of incorporating Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in their ecommerce websites. However, the importance of local SEO is yet to be given full emphasis about its value especially to small businesses and that its implementation is different from national SEO campaigns.

Phoenix SEO company for example, provides the whole range of services but will make sure to apply a well-balanced approach in carrying out SEO strategies; especially in the marketing, content creation, link building and business citation processes. The goal is to attain ranking as the website with the most relevant solution to consumers that you and your closest competitors are looking to win over.

Yet such factors are easy to mention when explaining about Local SEO and why each element is valuable for the ecommerce websites of small businessess.

Understanding Why Local SEO Services are Essential to Small Businesses

While make think of your business is one that needs little introduction in your community, you have to consider the fact that there are other entrepreneurs in your location engaged in the same line of professional work or offering the same kind of technical skills or products. What consumers want is to locate the providers near them who can extend the best deal with the best results.

1, One way that SEO commits to marketing your business is to make your website visible to local customers once start canvassing and getting quotes about the solutions being offered in addressing their respective problems. Although Google may have already indexed your website as a potential provider or source of information, you can reinforce the visibility of your business to Google by getting listed in Google Places. This Local SEO Marketing strategy has greater impact in mobile searches for location-specific queries.

2. Business citations such as the feedback that customers willingly give to show appreciation for a job well done at a fair price. Business citations are crucial to your ranking with Google especially those that appear in other websites or published in social media platforms not as promotional items but as recommendations to those looking for solutions to specific problems.

3. Link building is a method of acquiring business citation but must be executed in a manner that demondtrates ties to your business as a relevant topic being discussed by another website. This approach may include guest blogging actions but one that will project the host website as an authority, let’s say, in accepting  cryptocurrency as payments and not as a promoter of the guest blogger’s business.

4. Sharing of Creative Media and Infographics is now an important tool especially where local Millennials and Gen Zers are concerned. As the new breed of consumers, they prefer to get quick but complete information without having to read through an entire article or watch a lengthy video discourse.

5. When choosing a company to help improve your SEO, the best ones are those who know what local consumers use as keywords and keyphrases when searching for suppliers or service providers.

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Investments: Crypto, Stocks, or Bonds

Should you invest in Crypto Currencies, Stocks, or Bonds? With the recent cryptocurrency craze, many people are wondering if they should buy and sell these digital currencies or invest in stocks. While stocks offer more stability and less volatility, cryptocurrencies offer an opportunity to make a lot of money fast.

Read more about crypto investments here – Bitcoin Crypto: What Investors Should Consider

In this post, let’s look at a more stable and less volatile investment – Stocks and Bonds. Not only newbies to the stock market are concerned with the question of the ratio of shares and bonds in the personal portfolio, but of course also the professionals. However, this matter can only be answered individually.

  • A mix of bonds and shares minimizes the risk
  • The low-interest phase makes bonds unattractive
  • Investors with an affinity for risk can invest 100 percent in shares

Stocks, but also bonds (especially those listed on top bonds 2022), offer investors the opportunity to invest directly in a single company or issuer. However, there are very different opportunities and risks for the investor, which must be considered before making an investment.

The basic difference between bonds…

A bond, regardless of whether it is a corporate or government bond, represents a debenture with which the respective issuer collects debt capital from its investors. For this capital, the buyer or the creditor receives a fixed interest rate, which is usually paid out annually. In addition to this annual interest rate, the lender receives the full amount invested at the end of the bond’s term, provided that the respective state or company is not insolvent.

With the help of a bond, an issuer procures debt capital, which, in contrast to the purchase of shares, makes the investor merely a creditor and not just a partial owner.

… and stocks

In contrast, the buyer of a share becomes a co-owner of the respective group. Accordingly, the shareholder owns a fraction of the entire company. In contrast to the placement of a bond, a group issues fresh equity and no borrowed capital by issuing shares.

While the return on a bond comes from the annual interest payments, the return on shares is made up of dividends and price increases. Although price gains can also be achieved with bonds, the repayment of a bond always refers to the original nominal value. In contrast to bonds, shares do not have a fixed term and can therefore remain in the portfolio for life.

The key similarities between bonds and stocks

Despite the fact that investors inject debt into a company by buying a bond and equity by buying a stock, both asset classes have a lot in common. Both bonds and shares can be traded on the stock exchange at any time, which means that their price is always determined by supply and demand. Furthermore, bonds and stocks can be kept together in a securities account. This means that both asset classes can also be acquired and traded together in a mixed fund or ETF.

Another similarity between bonds and stocks is the prospect of regular income. In this way, both asset classes can continuously generate profits, either in the form of dividends or in the form of interest payments.

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Adding Cryptocurrency as Payment Option in Your Online Store

Cryptocurrency exchange is a revolutionary ecommerce solution of accepting virtual tokens as payments, to ensure the security of online business deals. If you’re into ecommerce as an online retailer, adding cryptocurrency among your payment options is one way to expand your consumer base.

While others look to cryptocurrencies as a form of investment, some companies consider the creation of a proprietary cryptocurrency exchange platform as support for an owned cryptocurrency exchange system. Blockchain developers provide technological services in carrying out projects that tackle developments for cryptocurrency exchange, cryptocurrency wallets and the related mobile apps development.  What you need is a tech professional who focuses on providing ecommerce website development services to set up your cryptocurrency business requirements.

Basic Requirements When Looking to Add Cryptocurrency Among Your Payment Options

First off, you need to decide which of the cryptocurrencies to accept as payments. Since Bitcoin is the most popular, your core choice will likely be Bitcoin or BTC. How the website developer integrates the crypto payment option depends on the ecommerce platform hosting your online store: e.g. WooCommerce, Shopify or Magenta, in light of the availability of plug ins or application extensions for crypto payment features such as buttons and customized invoices

Your ecommerce website developer will inform you of the need to have a crypto wallet hosted by a crypto exchange site. This tool will enable you to accept, hold and send different types of digital money like BTCs.

Important Pointers When Choosing a Crypto Payment Processor

You need to open a merchant account with a Payment Processor that also delves into cryptocurrency transactions. However, it’s important to carefully evaluate the services available to you, including the transaction fees imposed as charges per transaction. This should not be an issue because one of the key advantages of dealing with crypto is the avoidance of hefty charges imposed by traditional financial institutions.

An important consideration when choosing a payment processor is that it’s not banned in some countries. Keep in mind that cryptocurrency works under a decentralized financial system, which means they are not regulated by any government. As it is, China has its own cryptocurrency and does not accept BTCs and other types of crypto money in their blockchain systems.

Choose a payment processor who diligently installs updates and encryption backups to beef up the security of your wallet.

Last, but not of the least importance, is the Customer Support team who will notify you immediately of problems, in case acceptance of cryptocurrency will be temporarily halted. After all, you need to provide your customers with explanations if ever the option is not available at the moment.

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Similarities Investing In Crypto And Real Estate

Investing in crypto is similar to investing in real estate, but with a few significant differences. One of these is that you can’t touch the crypto assets.

Another big difference between cryptocurrencies and real estate investments is that real estate assets are tangible and have intrinsic value.

Cryptocurrency has no intrinsic value, meaning it’s not backed by anything other than the faith of investors who believe it will grow in value over time. With cryptocurrency, you don’t get any voting rights or equity ownership like you would with stocks or shares of a company.
Real estate investments have been around for centuries, while cryptocurrency has been around for less than ten years.

Investing in the crypto market is very similar to real estate investment.
The fundamental difference between crypto and real estate investing is that one can invest in the latter without actually buying property. One can buy stocks or bonds, which make up a part of the real estate market. And both investment has risk, so before investing, particularly in real estate, make sure to check housing market predictions.

Investing in crypto and investing in real estate have similarities and notable differences.
This article will discuss the similarities and differences between the two and highlight some of the risks associated with each.
Cryptocurrency, or digital coins, have become more popular due to their decentralization and encryption technology. Cryptocurrency transactions are often faster, cheaper, and more secure than those denominated in dollars or euros. To receive these benefits, one needs to invest in a cryptocurrency wallet and buy tokens of that specific type so that they can be traded on an exchange.
Real estate investment is a long-term investment where investors hope to gain profit on their investments through property appreciation or rental income.

Investing in real estate and crypto are two similar investments for many reasons. One is that the asset classes are not correlated, meaning there is a low correlation between the two.
There are also similarities regarding liquidity; crypto and real estate can be liquidated quickly and without incurring large fees. Finally, crypto and real estate investing have historically had low correlation rates with other asset classes, making them a solid diversifier in your portfolio.

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Important Info on How the IRS Imposes Taxes on Cryptocurrency Gains

If you’re wondering whether you have to pay taxes on crypto transactions, the answer is yes, but only if you profited from trading crypto coins for fiat money. This is because the IRS views crypto money as digital assets that you can buy and sell and not legal tender that you can use to pay for goods and services. Yet in recent developments, Coinbase, the leading digital money exchange platform has made it possible for taxpayers to file returns as well as receive IRS tax refund in cryptocurrency.

Tax filers though have to use the TurboTax, tax preparation software, as it is capable of converting tax returns into bitcoin or ethereum; or any of the more than 100 kinds of digital money available in the cryptocurrency market.

When is a Cryptocurrency Transaction Taxable?

Taxes on crypto assets are due only if there is a taxable transaction like selling. Even if your crypto holdings increase in value due to the volatile price indices of digital currencies, any theoretical gain as owner or holder is not taxable. Such gain is taxable only if realized and converted into real currency like fiat money.

If, on the other hand, loss was incurred in trading your cryptocurrencies for actual money, the IRS allows you to include it in your deductions.

Can You Avoid Reporting Your Crypto Transactions to the IRS

Even if the main advantage of dealing with cryptocurrencies is that you can remain anonymous when buying, selling or using digital money as payment, the IRS requires licensed cryptocurrency exchange entities like Coinbase to file IRS form 1099-K as part of their tax return.

Payment settlement entities like online crypto exchange sites are required to report customers who transacted more than 200 cryptocurrency deals and who have traded more than $20,000 during the taxable year.

On your part as a taxpayer involved in cryptocurrency investing, you have to report your crypto transactions by way of IRS Form 1040. Here, cryptocurrency investors provide details about any type of digital currency transaction made during the year.

How Does the IRS Tax a Cryptocurrency Income?

Taxes on cryptocurrency revenues depend, if the gain was realized from a long term or short term transaction.
A long term gain means a taxpayer owned and held the digital asset for a year or more before selling it. If so, any gain from the cryptocurrency sale is subject to capital gains tax. The applicable rate depends not only on the amount of taxable gain but also on the status of the taxpayer: single, married or head of the family.

If on the other hand a taxpayer sold the digital asset within one year or less than 365 days of owning the crypto money, the profit realized is regarded as a short term gain. The tax applicable will also depend on the status of the taxpayer. The income from selling the crypto will be subject to the applicable rate prescribed in the tax table for income taxes

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Bitcoin Crypto: What Investors Should Consider

More and more investors want to benefit from a rising Bitcoin price. However, the recent price setback clearly shows that there are some pitfalls.

What investors should consider

Bitcoins should only be a very small part of the portfolio

like this Bitcoin robot

Bitcoins are becoming increasingly interesting for many small investors, as they seem to lure with particularly high profits. But investment is also above-average risky. The price fluctuates heavily and even experts sometimes disagree on the reasons for the high volatility.

Bitcoins are therefore not suitable as a reliable investment, for example for old-age provision. The cryptocurrency is rather a speculative admixture. If you still want to play, you should think carefully about how much money you want to invest. The rule of thumb is: Only invest so much that you can live with losing all of your money. In the overall portfolio, the investment in the digital currency should only make up a small part, experts recommend five to ten percent.

Get plenty of information beforehand and consider any uncertainties

Investors should learn about how bitcoins work and the risk involved before investing. Because it is not only the fluctuating course that harbors uncertainties. Regulatory efforts by countries and banking supervisors could also influence the future course. Unlike the euro or dollar, bitcoin is not backed by a central bank, no company, no government is behind the cryptocurrency. You may use like this Bitcoin robot to check before investing.

It is also unclear who is responsible for overseeing the crypto exchanges where investors can buy bitcoins. This decentralized structure is what is special about cryptocurrency, but it also harbours risks for investors. When investors invest in a company’s stock, the shares are somewhat backed by the company’s asset value. Bitcoin basically has no real value.

Basically, investors only benefit from price increases when fresh money flows into the system. The Bitcoin itself does not generate any income.

Compare investment opportunities

If investors decide to invest in bitcoin, they can buy a bitcoin or a fragment of it directly on one of the crypto exchanges. If the price then rises, investors benefit immediately. But there are other ways to benefit from a rising Bitcoin price.

Those who want to invest indirectly in Bitcoin can also buy shares in companies that benefit from a rising price of the currency.

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Ways To Get Free Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin has weathered the severe storms and is now catching the attention of the global financial industry.

Now there are several ways you can earn even free cryptocurrency aside from simply trading them.

Get Free Bitcoins with Airdrops

Airdrops are the perfect way to get free bitcoins and other free cryptocurrencies quickly and easily. Airdrops are basically free coins collected straight into your wallet.rebate programs

It’s literally free money being handed to you! A cryptocurrency wallet is a digital wallet that you can use to store, send, and receive various cryptocurrencies.

The purse is not exactly a wallet in the classic sense. They don’t exactly “store “your money like a regular wallet. Instead, it keeps your public and private keys, which in turn helps you send and receive money. While this sounds pretty fantastic, there is actually a method behind all of this.

Airdrops are calculated advertising manoeuvres that actually save companies a lot of money in the long run. There are several companies that offer airdrops. Unfortunately, as the popularity of cryptocurrencies increases every day, the scams surrounding these currencies also increase.

Generate even more free Bitcoins: Recommendations & Rotator websites

Although it all depends on the time you spend touring the different facets, there are some users who earn more than others. Faucet websites will reward you with additional incentives if you submit a recommendation to their website.

For example, they send a link to someone they know well or are interested in. The visitor needs to visit the website through your referral link, log in and start claiming the rewards. This is the main source of traffic and that is why lots of referrals are important for any Bitcoin Faucet website.

On the other hand, you can also get rewards through programs when buying things you need from different companies.

Crypto Casinos: Earn bitcoins with games

It is also possible to get free bitcoins through various gambling games whether with simple games or in a Bitcoin online casino. Bitcoin casinos are like traditional casinos, except they work with bitcoins.

As bitcoin grows in popularity, the need for the cryptocurrency to be accepted as a payment method by both providers has increased recently. Bitcoin transactions are significantly faster and Bitcoin casinos and many others have adopted this method of depositing and withdrawing as transactions are processed in minutes instead of days as they used to.

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3 Ways Payroll and HR Use Blockchain

Bitcoin and Dollar Bills


Over the previous few years, you’ve probably heard plenty about blockchain, and the way it’s a revolutionary technology that has countless different uses. Indeed, blockchain will create a maximum amount of $3.1trillion in business value by 2030 as its potential as Gartner predicts. But what proportion have you ever heard about blockchain within the context of payroll and HR?

From that perspective, blockchain represents less of a replacement technology and more of a brand new mindset: particularly, how it can transform how payroll and HR data is stored and accessed, and the way it will be leveraged in conjunction with other technologies.

Many early adopters are already using blockchain-inspired approaches in certain areas of HR, and that they are fuelling the initial stages of what’s expected to be exponential growth in blockchain within the world. In this blog, we’ll explore three particular areas where blockchain may be applied to create payroll and HR easier, more efficient, and simpler when pursued globally.

1. Automated payments through smart contracts

A high degree of automation can strip out much of the executive burden and room for human error by introducing smart contracts to existing payroll and HR functions. These smart contracts, which sit within a blockchain, will be deployed to automatically and instantly pay someone for the work they need to be done, once certain parameters are fulfilled.

For example, these will be wont to pay contractors or freelancers who are booked for a collection amount of labor or hours. With no intervention from the payroll team, the smart contract swings into action and processes the requisite payment as soon as that has been fulfilled.

This can deliver huge efficiencies and price reductions to payroll teams, who now not must process individual payments manually. Where employees withdraw accrued earnings through a self-service platform whenever they require it, it’s also a large enabler of on-demand pay and it allows workers within the gig economy to induce obtain their work instantly.

2. Easing the joiner, mover, and leaver processes

Employees expect to own control of their data, including deciding who can access and use it.

Ceding control looks like it’d put employers in a very bind. It actually makes life easier for payroll and HR staff to keep data secure, accurate, up-to-date, and consistent by creating one immutable record of employee data within the blockchain which permitted parties can then access.

One of the areas where this has the best effect is when new hires join a corporation, existing employees move to a brand new role internally, or employees leave the business. As an example, new hires can grant their new employer access to their personal data to hurry up the onboarding and screening processes, with no need for the employer to have data entry or storage to commit time and resources. When an employee leaves a corporation, the information access is just removed, and therefore the employer doesn’t must do anything to update their own records.


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3. International and alternative payments

Blockchain will be wont to break down many of the barriers which will make global payroll and international payments difficult or time-consuming.

For example, payments that are cross-border, including people who involve currency exchanges, may be made much quicker through blockchain compared to the BACS or wire transfer methods currently in common use. Payments will be verified through the distributed ledger in real-time, excision the middlemen like banks and clearinghouses, and allowing exchange rates to be applied in real-time so payments are always made with the very best accuracy.

Blockchain also releases the chance to explore alternative methods of paying employees. At an initial level, this might include digital wallets for workers, into which they’ll be paid instantly, and potentially then spend this money in much the identical way as they might using Apple Pay or Google Pay.

As another, borderless, and far more flexible payment method, there’s no reason why businesses couldn’t explore cryptocurrencies and take a step further. Of course, a stable coin-freed from major fluctuations would need to be used: the volatility of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin would generate practical difficulties, and what would be extremely complex is ensuring tax and Social Security payments are still made correctly. But it might deliver flexibility in how employers make payments to a worldwide workforce and provides employees flexibility in how they access and use their earnings.

In summary

Once you are taking a better examine what blockchain must offer from a payroll and HR perspective, it becomes clear that it’s filled with potential to rework the arena. In an increasingly globalized business landscape, any efficiencies in cost, time, or human resources can have a big positive impact, additionally as supporting the higher experiences that employees are searching for. Now could be the time to begin exploring these opportunities and making payroll and HR work better for workers and employers alike.


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Financing Thru Crypto: Auto Loan Rate Calculator

Nowadays, companies that want to start a new, mostly digital project can hardly find traditional financing. Therefore they have to rely on new financing methods. People who want to finance their cars must learn how to use the Auto Loan Rate Calculator first.

Crowdfunding has now developed into a popular form of financing, including cryptocurrencies, which provide new capital. The company creates its own cryptocurrency and brings it to the market. By issuing the cryptocurrency, investors can then participate in the company and receive services or company shares in return.

Auto Loan Rate Calculator: Building an investor community

The basic idea of crowdfunding plays an important role when it comes to an investment model. That is the reason why the full-service providers take care of developing a solvent investor society. Businesses publish specialist articles in suitable media in order to promote advertising. At the same time, a network will be set up via social media. Moreover, there are ads via ICO listings, crypto networks, and corresponding campaigns in order to inform the crypto community of investment opportunities.

Auto Loan Rate Calculator: Companies having their own cryptocurrency

Auto Loan Rate Calculator

Financing in a company-related cryptocurrency like bitcoin is an exciting incentive for many stakeholders to finance projects. During the past years, it has become progressively clear that digital currencies are making the jump into the traditional financial sector. They are increasingly assuming the function of storing money.

The larger the investor community is and the more investors invest, the more manageable the risks and costs become. In return, investors receive more than just company shares. They have the opportunity of an additional lucrative form of investment. As a result, this innovative way of raising capital allows companies to implement their projects and developments.

Auto Loan Rate Calculator: High success rates in crypto financing

Crypto evaluation has had a high success percentage in corporate finance ever since its inception. The full-service agency has developed from an insider tip to one of the leading providers of financing models with the blockchain. Crypto comparison carefully selects the company for which the agency services are raised. The business model and the future viability of the concept have to be right in order to convince investors.

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4 Reasons Why Online Casinos Are Way Better With Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin and Money


Blockchain technology could be a hot topic in countless industries and also the media. For those that are unaware of what blockchain is, it’s essentially a ledger system that maintains records of transactions through the utilization of “blocks” that are chained together supported cryptography.

The blockchain is decentralized, meaning it’s unfolded over innumerable nodes, and there’s nobody entity that controls the whole system. For the web gambling industry and business as a full, this, together with other properties of the technology, make blockchain a game-changer. The subsequent are 4 key ways in which blockchain will change the industry for the higher.

1. Improved Transparency

Blockchain technology is simply touted to be one of the foremost influential innovations of the twenty-first century. One of the explanations people believe this can be because of the transparency it offers. Each transaction that happens during a blockchain is immutable—it is forever recorded on the blockchain, and it can never be hidden.

For someone who is gambling on a web casino playing slot games (or 슬롯게임 in Hangul), once they deposit cryptocurrency, that deposit is forever stamped within the blockchain. Similarly, whenever a player earns money and transfers the worth to their chosen cryptocurrency, that transaction also will be within the blockchain permanently. As these benefits are clear to several players and casinos, several bitcoin casinos have already unfolded for play.

Players can make deposits with their crypto and transfer earnings back to their secure digital wallet on these bitcoin casinos—or other cryptocurrency casinos. Neither the player nor the casino can try and benefit from the financial ledger.

2. Heightened Security

The folks that gamble online know that online casinos are safe. However, they also know. Some websites could also be scams, and other sites may use your personal information in ways you don’t accept as true with. Similarly, a web casino might not be built with the best security measures to push back potential hackers. Thus, they might be subject to attacks from hackers looking to steal your personal and financial information.

For both online casino owners and their users, the addition of blockchain technology is good due to these security risks. Blockchain technology has inherent security measures. Every transaction on the blockchain is encrypted. And every transaction that happens on the blockchain must be validated by every node involved. Something online casinos and players want to avoid — this makes it extremely difficult for hackers to choose out transactions and manipulate them!


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3. Greater User Anonymity

Most gamblers wish to be anonymous, especially within the case where an internet gambler is from a rustic where the practice is forbidden. While those players have workarounds to gamble online safely, they still should provide some kind of identification information additionally to either a checking account or MasterCard information. That requirement is not any longer when casinos utilize blockchain technology.

Online gamblers won’t have to undergo the method of making an account stuffed with their personal information. They don’t have to provide financial information, a physical address, or other sensitive data. Rather, with a username and their cryptocurrency wallet, and that’s it, online gamblers can create accounts. They’re going to need nothing else to create transfers to and from their wallet, gamble, and earn money.

4. Streamlined Experience

The user collecting that service wants the experience to be as easy as possible, whether online or in-person, with any service. This suggests no jumping through hoops like identification or slow processing of requests. Looking at which online casino you employ, you’ll experience some inconvenience. You’ll bear several verification steps, it should be difficult to urge your rewards sent to you, and your earnings may incur fees.

These inconveniences are non-existent with blockchain technology-based online casinos. As mentioned above, you won’t have to provide personal information, MasterCard details, or bank details to play online. Rather, you connect your cryptocurrency wallet, and you create your transfers to and from the casino therewith.

It’s verified virtually immediately when you make a transaction on the blockchain. This means you’ll have your funds available to be used instantly thereby improving your online casino experience. Similarly, after you want to withdraw your earnings, they may be wiped out in the blink of a watch by transferring on to your wallet.

The Bottom Line

There’s been a gentle increase in attention placed on blockchain and cryptocurrency. This can be the permanent reason, of course. The technology has already shown its ability to remodel industries like becoming the backbone for digital currencies, smart contracts, and more. As there has already been most progress in blockchain’s utility, it’s no surprise that the net gambling industry will be plagued by the technology. Luckily, for both gamblers and online casino owners, these effects are positive as seen by the four major effects above.


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Bitcoin Serves As A Reserve Trump Card.

Large companies have long been interested in Bitcoin and have already invested heavily in it. In this series – well-known PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, MicroStrategy, Tesla, McRock, even the Norwegian state, and many others.


A reserve trump card in the deck of economic instruments because everyday financial transactions are carried out on the blockchain platform of several million dollars. Transfers in bitcoin cryptocurrency are just as simple as usual. The amount in bitcoins can easily be transferred to Australia, China, France, or just to a friend who is sitting next to you. There are even automatic exchange machines in which you can exchange cryptocurrency (in the common people – “crypt”) for the currency of a state and vice versa. It all depends on the country where you are.


Bitcoin will only gain in price Experts are confident that bitcoin will only gain at price and by the end of this year, it will cost at least 2.5 – 3 times more than it is now. Thus, it will not only offset inflation but also preserve your savings. Bitcoin is used as a real currency, with which you can not only pay for coffee and cake but also buy or sell a house for it. Around the world. It is enough to install an application with a jack (wallet) on your mobile phone, which contains your crypt. The difference between bitcoin huge difference between Bitcoin is its decentralization and independence. It is the complete opposite of our traditional financial system. When the European Central Bank introduces the digital euro, banks themselves will no longer be needed. Ordinary people will conduct financial transactions without intermediaries. Banks in this chain will become an extra link. Unless, at first, they will help transfer money from their accounts to digital wallets. The more actively people use these wallets, the fewer banks will serve them.

Digital Currency

Since the release of the digital currency will be handled by the Central Bank of the state, this currency will be central, like many other “coins”. This is the main difference between bitcoin and fiat money. There is no central institution that controls Bitcoin. It is impossible to manipulate him. At the same time, Bitcoin is a kind of basis for all existing cryptocurrencies. Blockchain platform The blockchain platform is constantly evolving. Over time, many additional applications will appear on it. For example, there is already registration of machines, tracking frozen food items for interruption of the refrigeration chain. In Panama, for example, you can buy or sell a house without a notary and official institutions. With blockchain, this is as simple a deal as selling a bicycle: you give me bitcoins, I give you a house. The sale itself is registered on the blockchain, and the buyer receives the so-called certified rights to a particular property. Or a car. Or a motorcycle. By the way, if you’re in a motorbike accident and need a lawyer, follow this link. Bitcoin as an alternative to the dollar and euro, In any case, bitcoin is a good alternative to the dollar or euro. As everything goes to the fact that the currency is depreciating, the ECB prints more and more additional money so that countries do not go bankrupt. There is huge inflation and, as a result, a financial crisis. In this chaos and amid not-so-bright prospects, Bitcoin promises stability and a kind of spare card in a dangerous financial game.

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Why Cryptocurrencies Do Not Qualify as Sustainable Investments

Cryptocurrencies as offshore financial services, if lacking in political support simply implies absence of endorsement that is vital for sustainable investments. While secrecy is a trait common to both offshore and crypto investments, offshore jurisdictions have to comply with international anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism laws, as well as with global policies in order to attract traditional investors.

The adoption of cryptocurrencies as offshore investment products puts offshore regulators in a position in which they have to continuously update their legal framework. The need to keep pace with changes in technological developments is necessary to ensure that the integrity of their international financial services and products is not undermined by market manipulators

On the other hand, cryptocurrencies in the world of investments, will find it difficult to make their way into the mainstream operations of big corporate organization. This is in light of the global movement to address the effects of climate change. The movement includes obligating big corporations to integrate and adopt sustainable and environment friendly practices, which cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin cannot offer.

Today, the most popular and sought after funds are the so-called ESG funds, which are a type of mutual funds in which the selection of securities focus mainly on corporate organizations highly rated for their ESG initiatives.

How Do ESG Funds Affect the Viability of Crypto Assets as Investment Options?

The ESG acronym stands for Environmental, Social and Governance indicators, by which corporations are rated based on their levels of support for the global movement in the battle against the effects of climate change. ESG mutual funds limit their stock investments on companies committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve social conditions and adopt policies for sustainable operations

Where part of the goal of ESG is to help achieve the global goal of attaining zero CO2 emissions, companies who accept or buy bitcoins and altcoins, immediately lack qualification for the ESG standards. The blockchain technology with which crypto miners work to solve encryptions is energy intensive. Crypto mining sites have been identified as among the largest users of CO2-emitting fossil fuel.

Sustainability of ESG Assets vs. Digital Assets

While the price of bitcoin surged to reach an all time high of $63K sometime this year, it was due to the participation of traditional investors in the buying activities. However, the value of the digital asset started to dwindle and dropped, down to prices that immediately spelled huge losses for a number of investors.

Many traditional investors learned that in not meeting the ESG rating, their viability in the securities market can be affected. Whales also affected the sustainability of bitcoins, as many bought billions worth of the digital coin to push the price index higher; only to dump their bitcoins later after determining the huge profits they stand to gain from the fluctuating prices of bitcoin.

Market analysis of stock performances revealed that the stocks of highly rated ESG corporations are the most resilient and steadfast under any kind of economic conditions. However, it should be understood that the performances of ESG shares are not based on individual trading but for being the stocks chosen by mutual fund providers. Einvestment Offshore Fund as an example, applies the principles of sustainability when investing the funds entrusted by users of their online investment platform.

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Finance: Investing Properly in 옵션거래 Crypto

Learning to invest may seem daunting, but it’s easier than you think. Anyone can start, no matter how much savings are available. Investing money in the 옵션거래 stock market is the number one way for most investors to build wealth and save for long-term goals like retirement.

How to invest in 옵션거래 using cryptocurrencies?

There are many ways to invest in cryptocurrencies. Which strategy is right for you depends on your expectations, your skills and how much time and money you are willing to invest. As a rule, you make profits by increasing the course.옵션거래

There is no interest and investors also have to forego dividends. Cryptocurrencies are still not a classic investment product. This has its advantages, for example, getting started is quite easy, even for newbies.

First of all, it is important to be clear about the strategy. There are short-term investment strategies that are designed for success within a short period of time or long-term strategies. This takes a lot of patience, but the effort is much less. Also, think about how much you are willing to invest.

Cryptocurrencies allow you to start with small amounts, but depending on the type of trade, they may not necessarily generate high profits. Risk also plays an important role.

Risky investment strategies are often associated with high profits, but you should also factor in the potential losses. It is also possible to invest in cryptocurrencies in a safe way, whereby a certain risk always remains. After all, it is an unregulated, young market.

The safest platforms to invest in 옵션거래 with cryptocurrencies

First of all, you have to decide for yourself whether you want to trade actively or buy a cryptocurrency and hold it for months or even years.

On the other hand, many would like to physically own the cryptocurrency and either transfer it to their own wallet or leave it on the platform in order to sell at a higher rate.

옵션거래Investing in Bitcoin: A must in every crypto portfolio

Bitcoin is considered the safest investment for investors. The cryptocurrency will at least be relevant for many years to come. According to many traders, Bitcoin belongs in every portfolio. Anyone who can only invest in one cryptocurrency is well advised to invest in Bitcoin.

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Life Insurance For Diabetics And Why Insurance Companies Are Starting To Invest In Bitcoin

Diabetes is a chronic health ailment affecting the way our body converts food to energy. Most of the food we consume is broken down to sugar (glucose) and released into the bloodstream. When our blood sugar rises, it sends a signal to our pancreas to release insulin which serves as a key to let the blood sugar into the cells of our body for energy.

A person with diabetes either doesn’t make adequate insulin or can’t make use of the insulin it creates as well as it should. Not enough insulin or when cells cease to respond to insulin, excess blood sugar remains in our bloodstream. This could severe health problems over time like vision loss, heart disease, and kidney disease.

The Insurance Surgery – Assisting Diabetics Secure The Best Life Insurance Policy

People with diabetes are eligible to get a life insurance at reasonable premiums from the best and right insurance providers.  The Insurance Surgery help diabetics obtain a life insurance. They are the top diabetes life insurance company in the industry where their team of experts individually asses every client’s situations to determine which insurance providers will offer the best coverage and premiums.

Many people with diabetes think that getting a life insurance isn’t possible or can be a big challenge. But this isn’t the case as long as you know where to look. Having asses your specific condition and situations, the experts at The Insurance Surgery know the top insurance providers to get in touch with and obtain coverage more quickly. If you find this interesting and appealing, check out

Cryptocurrency And Life Insurance

A life insurance is something that you may want to consider including in your financial plan especially if you would want to provide your loved ones a measure of security. Proceeds from a life insurance policy could be utilized to pay for final expenses, settle outstanding debts, or even cover daily expenditures. Whether a life insurance is a wise investment may be dependent on what your needs are as well as what you want a policy to do for you.

When signing up for a life insurance, you agree to pay a monthly premium to your insurance provider in exchange for a certain payout upon your demise if your policy is active. The insurance provider collects the monthly premium from its clients. Since they don’t expect to pay out every death benefit claims straightway, they then invest that money in bonds, stocks and other profitable automobiles. Typically, insurers prefer to make an investment in safe places since substantial losses would be disastrous if the insurer isn’t able to pay out claims.

But, some insurance companies have begun putting their float on investments that are considered as higher risk, Bitcoin in particular. This means that insurers have put some of their float to invest in Bitcoin.

According to findings from a previous survey by NYDIG, over 46 million of Americans now own Bitcoin. They also found that of those who hold an active life insurance policy, half have possession of digital assets like Bitcoin. This is because investing in cryptocurrency is now easier than ever. In the survey, more than half of the respondents are willing to receive all or some of their payouts in the form of Bitcoin.

Whether you would want your insurer to make an investment in Bitcoin, or if you want to get paid in cryptocurrency, finding the best insurance policy is crucial to make certain it matches your every need.

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Investing in Foreign Securities ; Diversify with Malaysian Equity Securities

When looking to diversify one’s investment portfolio, don’t be surprised if your financial advisor recommends for you to add some foreign-based equity shares. Today, global trading now includes financial opportunities to invest in equity shares of publicly-traded companies in other countries. In the past several years, one such country that has gained high repute as a source of healthy foreign investments is Malaysia.

Although the country did not escape the difficulties that nations went through during the initial year of the global pandemic, Malaysia remains as a viable source of sound investment opportunities. The country after all, has an abundance of highly skilled, English-speaking citizens making up the workforces of domestic businesses; factors that helped the country land the number 12 spot in the World Bank’s 2020 ranking of 190 economies. Actually, Malaysia’s ranking upped by 3 spots, as it was previously ranked as15th in World Bank’s 2019 assessment.

Still, being a predominantly Muslim country with almost three-fifths of its population adhering and practicing the teachings of Islamic faith, the Malaysian government has substantial discretionary powers in managing investment projects, including those involving direct foreign investments.

Take note that foreign direct investments (FDIs) are different from investing in foreign stocks. FDIs entail infusing capital funds that would make a foreign investor the owner or part-owner of a foreign-based business.

Accessing Foreign Markets via International Exchange-Traded Funds I(ETFs)

While there are several ways by which an investor can access foreign stocks, one of the most common approaches is by way of International Exchange Traded Funds or (IETFs). Basically, ETFs gives investors exposure to multiple markets because a single

ETF contract comprises several types of investments e.g. stocks, bonds, commodities or a combination of investment types. IETFs therefore focus on different marketable securities listed in the financial markets of a foreign country, let’s say in Malaysia. Like any type of equity securities, IETFs can be traded as regular investment products in financial markets outside of Malaysia

Yet when planning to trade with IETFs, you must first consider a number of factors that can influence the viability of your foreign investments. Aside from trading costs, fees and trading volumes, you should also take a look at the liquidity and portfolio holdings of the company from where you will buy IETFs.

Trading with Foreign Equity Securities Online

It is also possible to invest on foreign equity securities by way of an online trading platform. In Malaysia for example, investors can participate in the financial markets through representation of a licensed broker. However, not all online brokers operating from Malaysia are guaranteed as reputable and licensed.


Nonetheless, AskTraders Analyst Team has performed a review of Malaysia’s leading online securities trading platform, Rakuten Trading, to give you an idea of what to expect.


AskTrader’s Rakuten Trade review discloses that this broker is the holder of a restricted Capital Markets Services Licence (CMSL) issued by Malaysia’s Securities Commission. As a matter of fact, Rakuten enjoys the prestige of being a multi-award-winning equity broker, while having the distinction of being the first of its kind in the country’s financial trading industry.

Moreover, it is well liked by many because it offers the lowest fees, while allowing idle cash in trading accounts to earn interests.

Rakuten’s most recent award in addition to the many recognitions it has received since inception, is the 2018 Malaysia FinTech Award for being the FinTech Company of the Year. Still there have been instances when the trading platform of this broker became the subject of several complaints regarding trade orders that were not executed; albeit already locked-in as transactions of some affected customers.

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Is Cryptocurrency Worth Investing to?

Cryptocurrency is everywhere. These are basically digital assets in which people are using for various purposes like investment, making purchases over the web and so on. At times, there are some who were able to find merchants who would assess their house or go to get it done and ask Bitcoin to pay portion of the deal.

crypto backed loan

There are so many kinds of cryptocurrencies these days and among which is Bitcoin. There are also Ether, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash as well as Ripple. As a matter of fact, majority of the big financial and tech companies are jumping in the bandwagon and like to get a slice of the market. Cryptocurrencies are being exchanged from one person to the other directly online.

What can be bought with Your Crypto?

At the time of this writing, most people see cryptocurrency as a form of investment. On the other hand, cryptocurrency spending may be more popular as more and more of these digital currencies are gaining traction and trust of the general public. There are several sellers online that are accepting cryptocurrency as another method of payment.

Say that you have saved enough for your emergency fund, free of debt and invested 15 percent of your income in stocks or mutual funds, then this gives you better purchasing and investing power to play around crypto. Basically, it lowers the risks on your end as you can invest a little of your money in cryptocurrencies and see how it would perform.

Just a Reminder

Though before you finally jump to investing your first crypto, be sure that you have a realistic mindset on what would come forth. Remember that while the rewards for investing cryptocurrencies are huge and fruitful, still remember the fact that the chance of losing your money is very real. It is recommended to talk this one with someone who have experience in crypto investing or perhaps, talk with your financial advisor.

It’s All Hype until You Lose it

It is definitely true that there is a big buzz in crypto market and countless people are getting into it. But not because many are doing it, you’d to. Investing in crypto isn’t a get-rich-scheme. Don’t make the same mistakes of what others did such as cashing out their 401K or take money from their mortgage. It is not the way to go. As said, talk with a professional or someone with firsthand experience to know what you are getting yourself into.

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