I believe that everyone would agree that the internet has played a key factor in changing communication. But aside from that, it is also one of the driving factors for bringing new forms of investments online. It has successfully bridged informational barriers for worldwide retail traders.

Birth of New Trading Methods

With the spread of trading apps, it has opened up incredible functionality to a broader range of investors, namely the ability of taking part in financial markets with reduced fees as well as greater speed execution. From this forward, there are various platforms that have penetrated the market from Interactive Brokers and eTrade.

As a result, it has made wide selection of tools, asset classes as well as education to become easily accessible to countless of retail traders.

What’s better than this is that, these platforms are centralized and have tons of functions and is capable of providing liquidity from ECNs and liquidity from several exchanges. Thus, it has an added benefit to online investing.

All it Needs is Time

Investors are now looking forward to add cryptocurrency like Bitcoin in a way to diversify their portfolio and at the same time, to capture some of the probable upsides of the new asset class. Thing is, it can be hard and esoteric to grasp for new traders. All it takes is getting used to and diligence.